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Nowdays there are many platforms where you can purchase our exquisite fancy color diamonds. You can can decide where it's most convenient for you, whether it's user interface prefernces, logistics or financial reasons.

Naturally, we prefer you purchase here on our company website, where we work very hard to assure you an easy and fast process. But we also do our best to keep those same high standards on third party trading platforms.

Here is a list of where else you can find and purchase our diamonds:


Rapnet - The industry leader. Almost all leading companies list their diamonds there.

Look up user 59409 in the "buy diamonds" (fancy color search) to view our listings. Only members can search.


Idex - Runner up for rapnet. A good platform that has developed many useful tools such as an offers system and also provides escrow services between buyer and seller.

Choose "Reddiam Ltd" in the supplier list box on the "Search for diamonds" page.

Get Diamonds (IDI) - The new service from Israeli Diamond Institute.

Dmarket (R2NET) - The James Allan backoffice trading network for their B2C website.