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Shipping Policy

  • We offer a free shipping method for every purchased item.

  • Handling time can take up to 3 Business days after we receive full payment for the order. 

  • Please keep in mind Both Friday and Saturday are not business days in the diamond exchange center, therefor orders received and paid for on Thursday will be shipped on Sunday, which is the next business day in Israel.

  • No item will be shipped until full payment has been cleared.

  • Every item is shipped with a commercial invoice and an appraisal if one has been requested. Printed appraisals might take an addtional 3 business days to be produced.

Shipping and insurance methods/rates:


  • Express Level - Fedex economy (estimated 2-5 business days worldwide). We offer this method free of charge for most destinations.

  • VIP Insured Level - We use Malca Amit Co. secure shipping service. When chosing this method your item will be fully insured and it's value declared at your local customs. Please take note that in some destinations Malca Amit Co. uses Fedex for the final door to door delivery of diamonds up to 20,000$ value.

  • Special destinations - We offer services to destinations such as the middle east and gulf countries, please keep in mind these services are much slower (except for UAE which has an expensive express service by Fedex)

  • Please note that the Express level does not include special insurance for loss or damage, as both Fedex and also EMS services don't offer that for loose diamonds shipped from Israel. However, from experience these services are in most cases reliable and of course, affordable.

  • If you choose to use the free Express shipping with no insurance Reddiam Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the item or package during it's delivery.

  • Customers in the US who would like to ship with insurance by Malca Amit Co. shipping service would be charged an additional 39.95$. For other destinations such as Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia the additional charge is between 79.95-89.95$. Please note that in both Europe and Asia the insured shipping duration is a bit longer than regular express shipping as it goes through Fedex Honk Kong facilities first.

  • Please note that Malca Amit Co. insured service is not available in certain countries and is in full accordance with local customs regulations so make sure you are fully aware of any additional costs that might arise (such as import tax etc). Please read more in the following section about importing diamonds.

  • Tracking numbers for all services will be supplied immediately after shipment has been made with instructions where to track their progress.


Important information about importing loose diamonds to your country:


  • Regulations and fees for importing diamonds differs from country to country that's why it's very important that you check with your local authorities for exact instructions prior to purchasing a diamond online.

  • If local authorities are hard to communicate with and offer unclear information you can always try contacting local branches of shipping Co. such as Malca Amit Co., Brinks etc. They usually have very clear instructions and know the ins and outs of the process.

  • Just for example, in the US there is not import tax on loose diamonds (Only a small fee of 30$ for first time importers). However, in China and in Russia, import duties on loose diamonds for individuals can reach 40%! But don't be alarmed, in most western countries the taxes are usually no more than a few %.

  • In many countries regulations are different if you're an individual or a licensed diamond company, so if you have a relation to one that might help.

  • In any case Red Diam Ltd will not assume responsibility for any fees or taxes paid by customers to their local authorities, whether they are import taxes or storage fees at customs facilities.